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Nicolas Cage purchases haunted house

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage (Born Nicholas Kim Coppola; January 7, 1964) is a popular American actor, film director, and producer.  Cage bought a home in New Orleans, Louisiana which has him so spooked he refuses to sleep there, despite paying nearly $3.5 million (GBP1.9 million) for the estate. 

Purchased in 2007, the Lalaurie Mansion is reportedly one of the most severely haunted houses in the U.S. (which Cage knew before the purchase). 

Built in the 1830's, the house is right up the street from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's home.  Cage says, "(It's) in the Vieux Carre - which is called the French Quarter. It's a very notorious house, it's a very famous house - meaning it's allegedly the most severely haunted house in the United States of America... that's what they tell me. So at any given moment, I have five or six ghosts surrounding the house, all looking up at this haunted temple, and I'm in there. "We'll (my family) come over and have dinner there but nobody sleeps there. I will sleep there, I will at some point - but I'll be alone when it happens... I try not to have a narrow mind about things."  Cage insists he's respectful of his haunting guests.  He adds: "(I've gotten) five or six requests from parapsychologists' groups to come into the house, and I won't let them in - because of respect. If there's something in there, I don't want them being exploited."

As for the hauntings, there were many reports of paranormal experiences between 1837 and 1932 in the house. In 1920, one resident reported: "There were no other families living here and one night, on the third floor, I saw a man walking carrying his head on his arm." In 1932, the house was being used as a furniture store, and it was reported that the owner "first suspected vandals when all of his merchandise was ruined several times, covered with a foul liquid filth. The owner waited one night with a shotgun, hoping to catch the vandals in the act. When dawn came, the furniture was once again ruined. He closed the place down shortly thereafter."

Actor Nick Cage has bought a landmark New Orleans French Quarter property right up the street from the new home of Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie according to the website Big Time Listings. The Lalaurie House in New Orleans has had a checkered past and according to Wikopedia is considered the most haunted property in all of New Orleans.

The Lalaurie Mansion is reported to be the sight of sadistic acts committed upon their household servants and slaves by Delphine LaLaurie in the 1830’s. These spirits have been haunting the property over the past 100 years according to local reports.  The house being haunted may have been the attraction for him as he has previously bought another New Orleans property in the Garden District from noted horror writer Anne Rice.

Cage has also been spooked from a very early age.  He once stayed in the attic of the home belonging to his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola. Now he refuses to stay there!  The scary encounter happened when he was a child.  He said: "I was living in the attic and one night there was this pitch-black silhouette of a woman with big hair. My body froze up, I screamed and then threw a pillow at it!"