The legend around this painting is as creepy as it gets. The stories began around 1985, when several mysterious fires occurred all around England.  Mysteriously, after all the debris was cleared, the only item that remained un-charred was the painting of the Crying Boy.  A Yorkshire fireman was so distraught by the occurrences that he told the story to a newspaper in England.  There were at that time more than one of these paintings around and each seemed to have the same effect.  Perhaps copies of the painting also transferred the curse as well.  The newspaper began receiving telephone calls from people all over the area that had similar stories to tell about the crying boy painting.  One person that contacted the “Sun” was Dora Mann of Mitcham and she has been quoted as saying "Only six months after I had bought the picture, my house was completely gutted by fire. All my paintings were destroyed, except the one of the crying boy."

After one month of hearing all the tales, the “Sun” gave their readers the chance to bring their crying boy paintings and have a large bonfire to destroy them.  All the paintings that were brought to the event were burned.  No one knows for sure where the painting originated from or who the artist might be, but it can't be just a coincidence that 40-50 similar cases occurred in the same time period.  The picture itself was a portrait painted by a Spanish artist of an orphan that was mass produced in the UK with several thousand in circulation.  It is said that the artist's studio burnt to the ground, and the boy was later killed in a car crash. It is said that the curse will only effect someone if the owner of the painting becomes aware of it. Some psychics have claimed that the painting is Haunted by the spirit of the boy it depicts.

Are you emotionally attached to any of your possessions and would never let go of those willingly? Spirits can feel the same way, and you may inadvertently bring one of theirs home in your next purchase at the antique store.

I experienced this many years ago when I collected tins and purchased a particularly lovely one at the local antique store. It had stamped metal designs on the sides and was quite colorful. I brought it home and placed it on a shelf in my bedroom whereupon I began to notice that I felt quite uncomfortable when I got close to that area of the room. The feeling would increase when I picked up the tin which was what led me to the conclusion that there was something wrong with it. For whatever reason, this tin had an entity attached to it and my impression was that it didn't like me owning the tin. And the feeling kept increasing like the entity was becoming impatient about the situation.

In the early 1900's, a wealthy man by the name of Dr. Otto lived in Key West, and took several 'servants' (slaves) from the Bahamas. In what many speculate was actually an act of revenge, a Bohemian servant gave Robert Eugene Otto, a doll made of a wire frame, cloth, straw, and most likely, a soulstone (Possibly of the servant's son who passed away at the time). This type of enchantment in some voodoo practices involves a small crystal being placed into an object, thus imbuing it with power by taking a soul of its own.  Eugene's sister died at around the time he was given the doll, and immediately took to Robert the doll.  Eugene gave Robert the doll his name of Robert, and he made everyone else call him Eugene (Gene) instead.  Throughout his childhood, whenever something bad would happen or something would be blamed on Eugene, he would say Robert did it. 

More troubling were the inexplicable events that began to occur -- glassware and silverware thrown about the dining room, servants locked out while on their nightly rounds, clothing torn up and bedding in rooms long unused disturbed and crumpled on the ground.  Other beloved toys belonging to Eugene began to turn up mutilated and brutalized while deep in the night there was the sound of giggling.  Eugene could often be heard playing joyfully in his toy room one moment and then, after a solemn silence, the sound of low conversation would trickle down to the servants' ears, first in Gene's boyish voice and then in an entirely different tone.

The Hands Resist Him Haunted PaintingThis painting was auctioned on Ebay on February 2000. It is titled, " The Hands Resist Him "...A pretty interesting title.  The owners said they found it abandoned behind an old brewery, took it home, and hung it in their 4-year-old daughter's room. The owners claimed they had paranormal experiences from the painting, for example, their young daughter claimed to see the boy in the painting exit it into their living room along with other phenomena, and even captured footage of the boy coming out of the painting.

Many viewers of the painting claimed to suffer from 'blackouts,' horrible feelings, feeling violently ill, paranormal happenings, all from just viewing the painting on the Ebay auction page.  When Bryan, a college student, first saw the painting he began to cry.  As he studied the photographs on the auction website, he claims his computer screen turned white and he felt a blast of heat coming from the monitor, "like when you open a hot oven door".  He called for his roommate, who was watching TV in the next room.