Multiple Ghost Sightings at New Delhi Courtyard

We've heard of entities causing all sorts of electromagnetic disturbances, but not quite like this incident in New Delhi, India. According to the council at the Karakadooma Court Complex, they installed eight CCTV cameras at different spots in the building after multiple complaints of strange sightings.


Sleepwalking Causes Man to Fall off 60-Foot Cliff

Even though sleeping too much may be bad for you, sleep-walking takes that danger to a whole different level.  While 27-year-old Ryan Campbell was camping in Kentucky with friends, he fell asleep in a hammock not knowing of the dangers his dreams would bring.  In the morning, Campbell's friends saw him wake up and sleepwalk off a 60-foot cliff!  He survived luckily after a rhododendron bush broke his fall and received only minor injuries. Most sleepwalkers find out of their affliction after friends & family explain to them all of the strange things they do.


Neurons in Human Skin Found to Perform Advanced Calcuations

Could your own skin "know" what it's touching before your brain does? That's exactly what researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have been studying, and the results are interesting to say the least. What they've discovered is that neurons which branch through our skin don't just send signals to the brain they've made contact with an object, but it seems they actually process complex information about the object before surging through the spine. Only after the message has been received in the cerebral cortex region of the brain, does it become processed further.  Read More at

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