Laniakea: Our home supercluster

It wasn't long ago that humans believed they were the center of the universe.  Now we have even more proof of how vast the cosmos stretches with a new study that involves the mapping of thousands of nearby galaxies.  Referred to as Laniakea, the supercluster contains more than 100,000 galaxies and stretches 500 million light years across. Our Milkyway is but a speck in this vast supercluster and each galaxy contains millions, perhaps billions of stars similar to our sun.  Check out this amazing clip for a high-definition look at these galaxies in action.

Battle Over L.A. UFO Attacked by U.S. Military

1942, Los Angeles, California, a large flying saucer flies over L.A. originally thought to be Japanese attacking, the outline of the craft can be seen in the spot lights, many shots at the craft but it just hovered there not phased by the barrage of AA fire. The most unusual thing about it is after, the U.S. Military/Gov said it was just a weather balloon.  What do you believe?

Sixty-Two School Children Witness UFO Landing

One of the most interesting cases involving UFOs takes place in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Ruwa is a small farming community in South Africa and news from the small town rarely gets out. On September 16, 1994, the children and teachers at Ariel School reported seeing a UFO that landed. This happened during recess time and the student's ages ranged from 5-12 years. 62 kids were outside the school during the incident with one adult supervising (sold food and drinks, mother of one of the kids).

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Australia UFO encounter sighting

Taking place in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Grace Askew and her three friends were taking a drive when they saw bright lights in the sky. Skeptical at first, the girls continued driving only to discover the UFO once again, hovering overhead. The group describes their experience in this great clip which also includes sightings of strange beings on the ground.

Man Speaks Entirely Different Language after Waking from Coma

Although it would be nice to wake up speaking another language fluently, sudden changes in the brain can often come with unlikely side-effects.  After a terrible car crash, Ben McMahon was stuck in a coma for a week before waking up and surprising doctors with something not typical of their patients.  In the clip, he recalls how he saw an asian nurse standing by his bed immediately after waking and said to her 'Excuse me nurse, I feel really sore here' in Chinese.

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