Humans have been curious with mind altering substances since the dawn of time.  Certain types of drugs have also been known to be life-changing, and just about everyone has had experiences with drugs one way or another (alcohol, prescription pills).  This list includes drugs that are mostly legal, but not commonly used because of their weird effects.

10. Nutmeg

Yes, eating nutmeg can actually get you high.  Many who have tried it report anywhere from a marijuana like buzz to intense hallucinations.  However, the use of nutmeg as a recreational drug is unpopular due to its unpleasant taste and its side effects, including dizziness, flushes, dry mouth, accelerated heartbeat, temporary constipation, difficulty in urination, nausea, and panic.   Large doses can also kill you, so maybe you should stay away from nutmeg in general, especially if you are allergic.


9. DiPT


DIPT (Diisopropyltryptamine)is a psychedelic hallucinogenic drug of the tryptamine family that has a unique effect. Users experience things such as voices on the radio being lower in pitch than usual, music sounds distorted, and some people experience light hallucinations. The drug can cause the odd feeling of being bloated, but if you take an antacid immediately after consumption, it usually solved the problem.  During the drugged experience, some users also claim to hear a constant ringing in their ears - this can (unfortunately) last for up to two weeks.


8. Nitrous Oxide(N2O)

 Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is an anesthetic gas best known for its use in dentistry and as an aerosol propellant. It is widely available though effects are short lasting.  The gas can cause analgesia, depersonalization, derealization, dizziness, euphoria, and some sound distortion.  The effects vary from users and pregnant females should not use the gas.  Nitrous oxide replaces oxygen in the lungs, so if the gas is inhaled in a high enough concentration, asphyxiation (suffocation) can result in death.  Also, long-term use can lead to addiction and neuropathy, with weakness, tingling, loss of sensation in the arms or legs.


7. Xenical

 Xenical, also known as Alli, is a weight loss drug that can have some weird side effects if users don't follow the proper diet.  According to Roche Laboratories, side effects of Xenical include "gas with oily discharge, an increased number of bowel movements, an urgent need to have them, and an inability to control them, particularly after meals containing higher amounts of fat than are recommended."  What that basically means is that you should bring an extra pair of pants the next time you eat that bean burrito.  Sales of the popular drug have since dropped due to the embarrasing side effect.


6. Aerosols

 If you didn't hear the news by now, huffing fumes from certain aerosol products such as paint can get you really messed up.  Huffing or inhalant abuse is defined as the purposeful inhalation of chemical vapors from a wide range of substances, including common household products to achieve an altered mental or physical state, which for most abusers is a euphoric effect. The effects are short lasting, but cheap.  Some of the long-term side effects are depression, mood changes, weight loss, inattentiveness, lack of coordination, irritability, weakness, brain damage, and even death.  Perhaps sucking in paint fumes isn't such a good idea after all. 


5. Catnip

 Don't go snatching catnip from the family cat once you hear what this plant does.  Many who have smoked it say that it gives a mellow, marijuana-like buzz.  Although the effects are mild, it leaves a minty aftertaste and is apparently much easier to smoke that pot (and doesn’t cause coughing).  Looks like cats go crazy with catnip for a reason.


4. Urine

 At one time, Eskimos and tribes in Siberia were known to consume the urine of another person who had consumed fly agaric mushrooms (amanita muscaria). They did so for several reasons: Firstly, since there wasn’t an infinite supply of mushrooms, this approach help to conserve and economize them. Not only would drinking the urine of someone who had consumed the mushroom get you high, but also drinking the pee of the person who had drunk the first “batch” of urine would get you high! And so forth and so on, going up to 5 different “generations” of people! An added benefit was that pre-digested mushrooms didn’t cause as much nausea and cramps as just eating them directly. They loved this high so much, that they would butcher and eat reindeer who had also eaten fly agaric for a contact-high!


3. Salvia

 Salvia Divinorum a psychoactive herb which is also legal in many states still (that may change soon).  Salvia effects are uncontrollable laughter, revisiting past memories, sensations of motion, visions of membranes, films and various two-dimensional surfaces, merging with or becoming objects, and overlapping realities, such as the perception of being in several locations at once.  Although the effects are short, they can be very intense and scary to some users since the effects can feel so real.  


2. Perscription Drugs

Taking certain prescription drugs can actually make your urine change colors.  As cool as it may sound to pee different colors, if you're urine is a color other than yellow, then you may have something seriously wrong with you.

Black - can result from taking Flagyl (generic name metronidazole), furazolidone and several other antibiotics. Aldomet (generic name methyldopa), used to treat high blood pressure in pregnant women, can make urine appear to be black because it darkens upon contact with bleach -- often used to clean toilet bowls.
Purple - can be a side effect of taking phenolphthalein, used for a long time as a laxative but falling out of favor due to concerns that it may cause cancer [source: Melville].
Green - can result from taking Elavil (generic name amitriptyline hydrochloride), an antidepressant also used to treat bed-wetting in children, or Robaxin (generic name methocarbamol), a muscle relaxant used to treat muscle spasms.
Blue - can be a side effect of taking Dyrenium (generic name tariamterene), a diuretic, or methylene blue, a chemical compound used in medications like Urised to help reduce irritation caused by bladder infections.



1. Anafranil (clomipramine)

Anafranil is an anti-depressant that causes people to have orgasms every time they yawn.  Although cases are somewhat rare, some users had orgasms whenever they yawned, and even "faking" a yawn would produce an orgasm.  The first case of this was a female patient who had been depressed for 3 months, but under treatment "Complete symptom remission occurred within 10 days". She then asked how long she would be allowed to go on using the drug (I wonder why), since she had observed that every time she yawned she had an orgasm, and she was able to experience orgasm by deliberate yawning.  Apparently it can work for guys too. One male patient said that while he found the repeated climaxes "awkward and embarrassing, he elected to continue the medication because of the therapeutic benefit he obtained. The awkwardness and embarrassment were overcome by continuously wearing a condom."  If someone could make the drug to be 100% effective, then you're going to have a world of really "tired" people.